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Sarah Palin is McCain's Pick
38 Replies
Who should pay for your compassion?
57 Replies
The Left is Getting Desperate
29 Replies
McCain:Don't Get Cocky
131 Replies
McSame Goons order woman from public property for disagreeing with their savior
5 Replies
Obama: Connecting the dots
62 Replies
Whorish Republican druggie charity thief speaks out
26 Replies
Why is San Fransisco giving sanctuary to drug smuggling drug dealing Illegals?????
1 Replies
Repub Nazi is the true face of the GOP
75 Replies
Why you should vote for McCain
27 Replies
Treasonous Republicans too busy sucking off Bush to support America
8 Replies
Republican Veep ?
10 Replies
Words of Wisdom From The Best President IN My Lifetime
82 Replies
Barak unqualified to be CEO of the United States of America.
11 Replies
Two Party Political System - Recipe for Disaster
3 Replies
Why John McCain is best suited for Presidency
75 Replies
McSame Campaign Commits Plagarism
25 Replies
Economics -1.01
1 Replies
Stuck On Stupid … STILL
2 Replies
I'd rather pay taxes.
1 Replies
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