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Negatism is Killing Us
27 Replies
How about kidnapping bush and trying him for war crimes in Iran/Venezuela/Cuba/China or better still in Russia? - "Arindam Chaudhuri"
11 Replies
Senator Judd Gregg Withdraws as Commerce Secretary
3 Replies
What Would You Do If You Were The Senator?
3 Replies
So What now?!!!!
2 Replies
My Thogts On Who Won
0 Replies
McCain's an idiot
34 Replies
RNC calls Bush a socialist
2 Replies
Iraq war- task from God?
18 Replies
Sarah Palin = Republican Eagleton
52 Replies
Palin as V.P.
11 Replies
McCain Has to Educate Supporters, Gets Booed
5 Replies
Censored by the Libs
3 Replies
Sarah Palin's 7 intelligence score in Political Machine: Proof that Wardell is a Republican Hack?
4 Replies
Disgusting Ignorance/Stupidity
4 Replies
Rethinking my position on the election
128 Replies
4 Reasons Why the Republicans Lost the Election
8 Replies
Scoring the debate [Live blogging]
18 Replies
McCain Claims Win in Debate!
1 Replies
Sweating For Sarah
5 Replies
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