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Mouse Issue in Political Machine
7 Replies
Any way to access previous versions of TPM?
1 Replies
1 Replies
The Political Machine 2020 v1.4 - The Final Stretch
12 Replies
Political Machine 2016 Campaign DLC?
1 Replies
The Political Machine Community Tournament 2021
1 Replies
What's the difference between mobile and PC?
1 Replies
Mobile vs Pc
1 Replies
The Political Machine 2020 v1.31 - The Big Issues
1 Replies
Game Balancing? (Review)
4 Replies
NOW AVAILABLE: The Political Machine 2020 - Founding Fathers DLC and FREE v1.3 Update
1 Replies
**COMING SOON** The Political Machine 2020 v1.3!
1 Replies
Candidate Attribute: a mechanic for flavor and balance
3 Replies
Custom Candidates
0 Replies
Can I play on my laptop?
4 Replies
The Political Machine 2020 v1.2 Preview: Party Like it's 2008!
1 Replies
Califorina Bug
2 Replies
Problem with modding and modidng folder location on MACCCC
0 Replies
Finally won 538-0 against a non-Meteor opponent set at "Masochistic"
1 Replies
The Political Machine 2020 mods are broken!!
1 Replies
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