Stardock Summer Vacation
Jul 10, 2022 12:00

Stardock will be closed for the week starting on Friday, July 1st and we will be returning on Monday, July 11th. We will be monitoring support tickets and forums during this time but expect delays in responses during this time.

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Discussions on political issues prohibited in this sub-forum.
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Tabletop role-players will love these new LED dice called "Pixels"
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New 3D Printing Method Moves Toward 3D-printed Organs
2 Replies
New 'Deep Nostalgia' service can turn photos of loved ones into short videos
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Everyone is workin' for the weekend
11 Replies
Ringing in the New Year...with Dancing Robots!?
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"This shouldn't be there" - Life Discovered Beneath Antarctic Ice Shelf
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bluShift Aerospace launches its first bio-fuel powered rocket
2 Replies
Wallpaper stuck in the system
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Stardockians show off their holiday spirit with a virtual ugly sweater contest!
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Meet the Dogs of Stardock!
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Remember that Monolith in Utah? Yeah, it's gone now.
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Inexplicable Monolith Discovered in Utah's Red Rock Country
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WC Community Question: Roasted, Fried, or Smoked Turkey?
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Alex Trebek, 36 Year Host of the Jeopardy Game Show, has passed...
10 Replies
NASA Announces Launch Date for Long-Delayed Space Telescope
5 Replies
Secret Salt Water Ocean Discovered on Ceres
4 Replies
Microsoft's Underwater Data Center Project Proves Reliable, Practical, and Sustainable
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Important Questions to Consider When Shopping for Home Security Cameras
8 Replies
Brad's youthful hands system!
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Paul Martin
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