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Object Desktop: The Benefits of Membership
3 Replies
Stardock Software and Windows 10
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How to Customize Windows 7-The Definitive Guide
27 Replies
List of Stardock Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Other Social Media Sites
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Chrome's going to need a ramstick all for itself...
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Anybody for Patch Tuesday?
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Slow PC...
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Some good, free tools to fix W10 problms...
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Wallpapers and Skins for your Summer Desktop
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RAM addition
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A Year Without Cable TV
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Help my friend forgot her password.
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Setting Up Customization Apps on my New Work PC
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I just had a WTF moment
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Tab Atkins Jr. makes case that Google employees can manipulate search results
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Notepad Exe Gone Crazy, Need Help Urgently
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Setting Up Productivity Apps on my New Work PC
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How is Brad's Toad-2018 ?
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MS's Spring Creator's Update is Apparently Very Buggy
49 Replies
DeskScapes 8: How to Have Animated Wallpapers on Your Windows Desktop
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Fences Feature Highlight: Using Pages for a Cleaner Desktop
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May the 4th Be With You on WinCustomize
5 Replies
A subscriber question: Is there a difference between UHD and 4K?
5 Replies
Okay, This Is What I Ordered To Rebuild My Main PC
119 Replies
Questions about the value of OCing your processor.
6 Replies
Start10: Using a Custom Start Button Image
5 Replies
The best antivirus software of 2017
38 Replies
Insecure Adobe Acrobat extension silently installed on Chrome
9 Replies
Why companies with long-term plans must make their customers top priority
5 Replies
EDITED.....Multiplicity KVM Pro
7 Replies
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some fun custom skins, dreams, and more from WinCustomize!
5 Replies
Help building, or buying a desktop
28 Replies
Curved Monitor
37 Replies
Lock down windows 10 home edition no updates
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The Ultimate Customization Apps for your Windows Desktop
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browsers FireFox, Chrome
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Groupy for the Busy College Student
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My Docks were all out of alignment
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Groupy for the Project Manager
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And Google/Nest wants AI on all your gadgets...
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Need a recommendation on Monitor
20 Replies
Personalize Your Windows Desktop with DeskScapes and Thousands of Custom Dreams from WinCustomize
2 Replies
Deck the halls - and your desktop - for the holidays!
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Show Your Desktop Some Love with these Valentine's Day Skins
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SOLVED: Cybereason RansomFree
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Threadripper vs i9
41 Replies
Adventures in PC Building - Part 2
4 Replies
Know your Computer
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KB4020001 and KB4020002 for Windows 10 1703 released
7 Replies
Upcoming patches will slow down all Intel CPUs?
68 Replies
Regarding Brads new rig and a question about installing an OS on an NVME drive
10 Replies
Brad's Toad-2018
17 Replies
Windows 10 Apps from Stardock for Under $10
2 Replies
Adventures in PC Building - Part 1
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