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Hollow Points
14 Replies
Party of Lawyers
4 Replies
Banksters and Political Gangsters
100 Replies
The politics of looting
1 Replies
The Sunday Gun control show
1 Replies
Study Faults Army Vehicle
17 Replies
You're Paying For The Obama Phones
43 Replies
47% of Americans pay no federal income tax
142 Replies
Why am I a Hater?
175 Replies
Things that poll better than the US congress
7 Replies
22 Replies
I sooooooo want to say something, but...
29 Replies
Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana
7 Replies
People with too much time on their hands
3 Replies
The Red-shield: A Nation Wide Conspiracy to Kill American Prosperity
8 Replies
Hostess and the bakers union
27 Replies
The answer isn't "more"
5 Replies
CEO pay
21 Replies
The FBI??
15 Replies
2012 Presidential Exit Poll Results
9 Replies
2012 Election: 24.48% Romney, 25.75% Obama, 49.77% Neither
9 Replies
Fahrenheit 9/11
496 Replies
Elections have consequences, but sometimes they're unintended
2 Replies
Debate #1
66 Replies
What DO you think Obama will accomplish this term?
0 Replies
9 Replies
Debate #3
33 Replies
Debate #2
32 Replies
Vote Fraud
4 Replies
Religion of peace update: Libya
15 Replies
Election Prediction
6 Replies
Fun with the ABC/Washington Post poll
2 Replies
PATROL BASE 7171, Helmand province, Afghanistan
0 Replies
Nike Dunk High Hi Custom Hello Kitty Shiny Star On Sale
0 Replies
Big Bird
2 Replies
Yea, I still find it creepy
5 Replies
You can't rationalize the irrational
3 Replies
The Republican Party
0 Replies
Well, Smack My Gob
18 Replies
Another Fine Example of 'Neutral' Reporting
47 Replies
Only Winning
13 Replies
29 Replies
Not a Tragedy
7 Replies
The Republican party: What's next?
57 Replies
Obama thinks government built my business? Really?
89 Replies
A Socio-Political Economic Idea
2 Replies
Hate Crime or Domestic Terrorism: the shooting at Oak Creek
11 Replies
I've Decided
41 Replies
What would you do if you were the President?
1 Replies
Swimming in His Coat
0 Replies
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