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What's the Last Book You Read?
73 Replies
The Webrunner Give-away May 28th - Jun 28
1 Replies
Thank You, Cory Doctorow
7 Replies
Review: One Second After
90 Replies
The most enjoyable book you've ever read that people you like and respect really trashed
15 Replies
The most disappointing book you ever read, after high recommendations.
48 Replies
Brad’s bookshelf: February 2011
32 Replies
Weird and The New Weird
8 Replies
Dracula - What was the last book you read?
49 Replies
Why Kindle will fail as a device, succeed as a format.
42 Replies
where to go after wheel of time and game of thrones(A Song of fire and ice) series
56 Replies
What Warhammer 40k books should I start with?
23 Replies
Pranay Gupte's "Dubai: The Making of a Megapolis" is published
1 Replies
Five Secrets
20 Replies
The Atlantic Crossing of the Mayflower Pilgrims
0 Replies
What the Pilgrims Went Through to Prepare and Start Their Voyage
0 Replies
Brad’s bookshelf: February 2010
5 Replies
Erich Segal: Author, Historian and Poet
1 Replies
Avail Best Education Opportunities in UK and Australia
0 Replies
Ram S. Varma's Book on The Ramayana
0 Replies
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