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The Mosque, Ground Zero, and the President
16 Replies
I am My Own Hack and Nobody Else’s
16 Replies
Dress For Less
1 Replies
And then there was The Plan
3 Replies
Our Government at Work for Us
3 Replies
Something to snicker about...
1 Replies
Are police officer actions with citizens 'private conversations'?
2 Replies
I Am An American
6 Replies
Obama's Assault on Liberties Proceeds Unabated
2 Replies
A New Candidate
45 Replies
I Hope not But…BP’s Top Kill Could Lead to a Disaster
9 Replies
You can’t sue me, but I can sue you, that’s the Obama way
2 Replies
Obama’s “Hope & Change” now seems “Hopeless & Changing”
25 Replies
Obama orders new fuel standards for future
10 Replies
Hypocrisy, a requirement for President of any nation, even Mexico.
12 Replies
How’s about some real legislation?
6 Replies
Ooooh, more inspiration... Buh bye Arlen
2 Replies
Court rules out some life sentences for juveniles
8 Replies
Is it foolishness or treason?
18 Replies
License to Kill?
2 Replies
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